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Unlock business growth with our expert B2B appointment setting and lead generation services. We deliver high-quality leads and set appointments to help you achieve your sales goals. Get started now!


4 years of proven experience across thousands of outreach campaigns

Boost Sales With High Intent Leads

With over four years of experience in the B2B appointment setting industry, we have fine-tuned our approach to guarantee you results. Our clients consistently achieve a massive ROI through our top-quality appointments.

All: ▲ 33.3%

Unrivaled Show-up Rates

Our appointment-setting system is designed to secure high show-up rates, saving your valuable time and maximizing your chances of turning leads into loyal customers. With an 80%+ show-up rate, we ensure that prospects show up for the scheduled meetings


+ $15000.00

No Long Contracts

We are confident in the quality of our services, which is why we don’t tie you down with long contracts. Instead, we offer guaranteed results at no-brainer price putting your satisfaction at the forefront



+ $10000


Human Powered

We believe in the power of genuine connections. That’s why we steer clear of automation and ads. Our team of experts personally crafts compelling outreach messages, leveraging our exceptional copywriting skills to ensure optimal responses

Email Marketing




Calendar Invites

Organic Marketing

How it works

Meetings to help your business grow

We’re more than just an lead generation agency – we’re your growth partners. Founded with a passion for helping businesses succeed


  • Outreach Resources
  • Copywriting
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Weekly Calls
  • Follow Ups
  • Scheduling Calls

Tailored Strategy

Based on your needs, we devise a customized appointment-setting strategy to attract high-intent leads

Personalized Outreach

Our expert team crafts persuasive messages and scripts tailored to your brand and prospects

Quality Appointments

Sit back and watch your sales pipeline flourish as we deliver on our promises

Omni Marketing

Messaging on all major channels to never miss any prospect

Diverse in our strategy

Omni Marketing

Smart content

Outreach channels that we use

For every client we strategically choose the outreach channels in order to be effective and success oriented

  • Emails
  • LinkedIn DMs
  • Instagram DMs
  • Facebook DMs
  • Calendar Invites
  • Content Marketing

Active reporting

Real time upates and weekly calls

We don’t believe in leaving our clients in dark but rather being on the same page with them on all the progress and updates.

  • Slack Communication
  • Spreadsheet reporting
  • Weekly Reports
  • Weekly Video Calls
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Constant Feedbacks


Conversion rate


Success stories


Prospects Reached


Revenue generated

The Infinite Cold Email Machine

No Brainer System Setup

Send 100,000+ Emails Every Month
Get 90%+ Open Rates
100% Reliable System
No Monthly Management Fee
No Long Term Contracts
In House System
Scale It Up Or Down Instantly
Get 4X to 20X ROI

Why Organic Appointments Agency

Save time by not thinking of ways to generate more meetings rather focus on your sales and system to get great results for your clients. Our expertise in setting high intent appointments will get you consistent meetings with interested prospects.

Industry Leaders

Been through all the landscapes of setting appointments in any niche for past 3+ years

Proven Results

Our system is already proven in getting meetings with our repetitive adaptation

Copy Writing

We have hundreds of messages from our prospects complimenting our messaging

Active Communication

We are active on slack, emails and socials keep you updated with the progress

No Extra Cost

We don’t surprise you with any additional costs during our tenure of working together

Omni Marketing

We try to present you as an expert in helping them by being present on many different channels

Simple pricing plans for every business

Straight forward and up front pricing plans designed to suit companies of any size.

100% no-risk guaranteed


What Clients are saying

Don’t just take our word for it, know what our clients candidly have to say about us

You guys are awesome! Probably one of the best risks that I have taken.


Millind Gupta


Good job guys! I am excited
You guys are on fire.



Everest Advertising

The team at Organic Appointments are the real deal! If you are looking for a service that will change not only your business but you life, then these are the guys! Very grateful for their hard work and dedication to their business.


Luke Houston

Huodo Digital

This system works great. Thanks so much!


Jon Jones


Can we pause the campaign for now? Let me get done with these leads first. lol




I’d be happy to leave you a testimonial. I should have time to record in the next few days.


Matt Byers

Case Rush


Do you have any proof of your results?
We do have a extensive directory of results that we have gotten for our clients including live campaigns, screenshots from our previous campaigns, appreciations from our clients acknowledging the results.
What happens if we don’t meet our guarantees?
This is not ideal but even if after all our experience and efforts we compromise on fulfilling our guarantees we will work for free till we deliver on our guarantees.
Do our clients give us the domains for emails?
Each and resource required for email marketing is taken care by us be it domains, workspace, leads and tools to send emails.
Do we use automations on social profile?
No, everything is human powered and we don’t risk our accounts by using automation tools and disregarding the policies of the platforms.
How soon can we expect getting appointments?
It usually takes 7-14 days to set up the campaigns depending upon the channels of the outreach that we strategize. You can expect getting appointments from the first week of us getting live.
How do we maintain communication with our clients?
We are highly active on slack and emails. All our work related communication happens on slack where we have our separate channel. We intend to have at least a call every week to be on the same page.
Are we the ones following up and scheduling the call?
Yes, from finding the leads to sending them the message to flowing the conversation to responding to their messages till they book a call. All of this is taken care of by us.

Build a strong and reliable pipeline of leads that becomes clients without relying on paid ads

No need to spend massive chunk of your money on paid ads that gives you leads that are just window shopping and don’t even turn up for the meetings.

All: ▲ 33.3%


Quarter 🔻



+ $8000



+ $30000

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80%+ Show up rate

Guaranteed Calls

No Ads

No Automations

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